Instant Scratch-Off Lotto

Instant Scratch-Off Lotto

December 25, 2019 0 By Klaus Kroop

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The drawbacks of playing the lottery may be the upside for many enthusiasts. The long wait for the TV show to end and have the lucky lotto lady draw the winning numbers that match up to the ones on the special piece of paper does not bode well for all lottery players.

Some cannot wait that long to find out the results. It is too much of a hassle to find the right channel and wait for the segment that reveals the night’s winners and losers. For those people, the Scratch-Off tickets are ideal because they give immediate gratification.

Scratch-Off tickets have risen in popularity over the years. In Pennsylvania alone, the total amount of ticket sales per county range between $12-$97 million. That is a lot of Scratch-Off cards. And who can blame the consumer? Scratch-Off cards have the promise of making a quick buck without spending a lot. For $1-$20 a ticket, they have a payoff as high as in the thousands or millions. For the cost of spare change found in the couch cushions, that is a rather nice profit.

The added appeal of Scratch-Off tickets is the fun with which the buyer has in “making” their fortune. Scratch-Off cards come in a variety of games and colors, all pleading to be chosen at the checkout counter of 7-11 or the local grocer’s. There are numerous types of instant games that vary according to season and location. Some are more popular and may be continued longer than others, whereas certain games will pop up every now and then. Once the card is chosen, all it takes is a coin to “scratch off” the characters and match up the numbers to win a prize.

Another plus to Scratch-Off cards is the buyer does not need to pick numbers. There is no stressing out over whether or not it should have been a certain birthday or anniversary date used to win. This goes hand in hand with not having to wait until the next television show to find out the winning numbers. The downside to having Scratch-Off tickets is the payoffs are not as large as the lotto jackpots.

When considering the purchase of a Scratch-Off card, the buyer should be aware of the different rules pertaining to each game. They are not all the same and that is part of the fun. Check out the expiration dates before buying and make sure to play accordingly so as not to exempt a winning ticket. Scratch-Off games have become a fun alternative to the traditional lottery and there is a reason for it. Why wait to join in on the sensation?

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